Located just 30 minutes from Gettysburg and Frederick, an hour from Baltimore, Lancaster and Harrisburg and 2 minutes from historic Main Street, Taneytown,
The Tannery Barn is the perfect spot for your getaway.
Whether you're hosting a small private event or a a large scale party,
you'll find a charming solution here. 


The Taneytown History Museum shared stories of The Tannery Barn’s history.

The Tannery Barn sits on land that was originally owned by Ludwick Rudisel.
The adjacent house on the original sixteen-acre property was built in 1807 and it is assumed the barn soon followed.
The original Brick Switzer style barn burned down around the turn of the 20th century and a new barn was erected in the early 1900s.
The new post and beam barn housed Percheron horses that would have helped to farm the land.

The Tannery Barn is a part of the Taneytown Historic District.
The barn was turned into a residential home about 30 years ago, but has not lost its historical charm.

The Tannery Barn was bought and developed in 2018 to be used as an events venue.
Even though the barn was totally remodeled inside you can still see the original 1900s rustic timbers remain to be admired by all


Once we met the people, there was no turning back. The community of Taneytown is not only friendly, but incredibly versatile. Visit the Antrim 1844 for a delicious meal, have a cupcake at The Stone House Cakery, or explore the shops on Main Street.

Taneytown is only a 20 minute drive from Frederick and historical Gettysburg
and just an hour away from Baltimore, Harrisburg and Lancaster
- there is no end to the adventure!